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Herdenk Berthold Mendel Judenfreund

Berthold Mendel Judenfreund

Frankfurt am Main, – Auschwitz,

Reached the age of 27 years

Occupation: Farm labourer



Verhaal Berthold Rosenstock

Berthold grew up in the Jewish Orphanage in Frankfurt after his mother's death in 1918/9. He was three years old. In 1938 his brother Gershon (Georg) emigrated to America under an affadavit issued by his aunt Pauline Pearl's family in New Jersey. His brother declined to use the affadavit and decided instead to remain and work with the Hehalutz Zionist youth movement and the Berlin Aliyah school th…

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Address & residents

Address in July 1942

Kibboets Laag-Keppel

Laag-Keppel B 49, Laag-Keppel

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Address in August 1942 – January 1943

Centraal Israëlitisch Krankzinnigengesticht Het Apeldoornse Bos

Zutphensestraat 106, Apeldoorn

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