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Herdenk Betje Jacobs-Goldsteen

Betje Jacobs-Goldsteen

Meppel, – Auschwitz,

Reached the age of 41 years



About Betje Jacobs-Goldsteen

After her husband had been deported and had died in Mauthausen, Betje Goldsteen lived in the "kibbuts" Laag-Keppel with her two young children.
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The mayor of Hummelo and Keppel requested that Betje Jacobs-Goldsteen be located, detained and brought to trial. She resided at B 30 in Laag-Keppel. She was suspected of having changed her place of residence without th…

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Salomon Jacobs and his family

Salomon Jacobs and Betje Goldsteen were married in 1928. They had three children, one of whom only lived for a couple of weeks. The Jacobs family was the only Jewish family in Laag-Keppel and was completly assimilated into the non-Jewish village. When Salomon was picked up, Betje and the children went to live in the Jewish community of the "kibbuts" Laag-Keppel.
H.E. Dominicus, Mauthausen. Een ged…

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Betje Jacobs-Goldsteen zat niet in de Kibboets te Laag-Keppel.

Zij woonde op Laag-Keppel B-30 dit is nu Dorpstraat 14 in Laag-Keppel!

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Address & residents

Address in July 1942

Kibboets Laag-Keppel

Laag-Keppel B 49, Laag-Keppel

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Other family members

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