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Herdenk Izaak Gaarkeuken

Izaak Gaarkeuken

Amsterdam, – Auschwitz,

Reached the age of 44 years


The fate of the three daughters of Emanuel Mossel, their husbands and their aunt Petronella Wonder.

After the passing of their mother Jansje Wonder and the depart of their father Emanuel Mossel to Antwerp in 1923, the daughters Elisabeth, Alida and Hendrika Mossel, as well their aunt Petronella Wonder stayed behind at Nieuwe Kerkstraat 15 in Amsterdam

The eldest daughter Elisabeth became main tenant per 19 November 1923 of her new residence at Therese Schwarzplein 7. Her sisters Alida and Hendri…

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About Izaak Gaarkeuken

Izaak Gaarkeuken married Hendrika Mossel in 1925 in Amsterdam.
Stadsarchief Amsterdam, archiefkaart Izaak Gaarkeuken

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