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Herdenk Arthur Jules Gerzon

Arthur Jules Gerzon

Amsterdam, – Sobibor,

Reached the age of 21 years

Occupation: Commercial trade worker


About Arthur Jules Gerzon

Arthur Jules Gerzon, a male nurse by profession, was a son of merchant Julius Eduard Gerzon and Roosjen van Buuren.
Rosette Goslinski was a daughter of wholesaler Salomon Goslinski and Frouwkje Gosschalk. They married on 28 January in Westerbork transit camp.
Record of marriage certificates of the Westerbork municipality, currently at the archives of Gemeente Midden-Drenthe in Beilen

Arthur Jules…

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Arthur Jules Gerzon

De volledige naam van zijn moeder luidt Marianna Roosje van Buuren (Amsterdam, 01.12.1896-Amsterdam, 06.11.1985), dochter van Abraham van Buuren (Amsterdam, 13.08.1861-Amsterdam, 28.06.1942) en Rachel van Buuren-Pool (Rotterdam, 16.05.1873-Amsterdam, 26.02.1951), en zuster van Joseph Nardus Michel van Buuren (Amsterdam, 09.12.1897-Sobibor, 30.04.1943).

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