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Herdenk Abraham Hamburger

Abraham Hamburger

Roermond, – Sobibor,

Reached the age of 19 years

Occupation: Schoolboy



About Abraham Hamburger

Abraham was the son of Gerrit Hamburger and Rachel Frohman.
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Abraham Hamburger's family moved from Roermond to Aalten in 1928 and from Aalten to Hoogezand in 1936.
Abraham Hamburger, known as Bram, lived from 15 February 1940 until 22 July 1942 at the Jewish youth farm established in 1937 for Palestine Pioneers in Gouda, the villa Catharinahoeve on over two h…

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Address & residents


Joodse Jeugdfarm

Ridder van Catsweg 61, Gouda

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Address in July 1942

Kibboets Laag-Keppel

Laag-Keppel B 49, Laag-Keppel

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Other family members

No other family known (yet)