The fate of the three daughters of Emanuel Mossel, their husbands and their aunt Petronella Wonder.

After the passing of their mother Jansje Wonder and the depart of their father Emanuel Mossel to Antwerp in 1923, the daughters Elisabeth, Alida and Hendrika Mossel, as well their aunt Petronella Wonder stayed behind at Nieuwe Kerkstraat 15 in Amsterdam

The eldest daughter Elisabeth became main tenant per 19 November 1923 of her new residence at Therese Schwarzplein 7. Her sisters Alida and Hendrika and aunt Petronella moved with her too and in February 1931 everyone removed again to house nr. 17.

In the meantime, Hendrika Mossel, tailoress by trade, has been married 28 October 1925 to the waiter Izaak Gaarkeuken, a son of Machiel Gaarkeuken and Kaatje Mouwes. After the wedding also Izaak Gaarkeuken moved in at Therese Schwarzplein 7 and removed too in 1931 to nr. 17. And 3 September 1934 everyone moved out from Therese Schwarzplein to Eemstraat 34 1st floor.

In January 1937 Hendrika Mossel and her husband Izaak Gaarkeuken left for their own home at Rijnstraat 37 3rd floor, after about six months to Van Woustraat 245 1st floor and per 10 January 1938 to Govert Flinckstraat 289 1st floor.

Meantime, also Alida Mossel got married 29 September 1937 to Salomon Kloot. She left with her husband to Vrolikstraat 303 3rd floor, where the family of Hartog Kloot, Salomon’s parents lived. But 3 January 1939 Alida and Salomon moved to Saffierstraat 41 1st floot and per 23 may 1940 to Kribbestraat 33 ground floor.

After Hendrika, as well Alida and their spouses had moved into their own homes, Elisabeth Mossel and her aunt Petronella Wonder stayed both behind at the address Saffierstraat 41 2nd floor. Hendrika’s husband Izaak Gaarkeuken however was per 4 August 1939 unsubscribed from the Amsterdam Registry to Israelitic Psychiatric Institute “Het Apeldoornsche Bosch” in Apeldoorn and where on that date Hendrika moved again to Saffierstraat 41 2nd floor.

During the night of 21/22 January 1943, about 1100 Jewish patients and a part of the nursing staff of the Pyschiatric Institute “Het Apeldoornsche Bosch” were deported to Auschwitz. On arrival on 25 January 1943, the patients and the staff who came along, including Izaak Gaarkeuken, were immediately killed. 

Alida’s husband Salomon Kloot was taken away during a razzia 11 November 1942 in the textile factory of Hollandia Kattenburg and via the penitentiary of Scheveningen deported to Auschwitz. Presumably due to hardship and diseases he lost his life eventually 28 February 1943.  

Elisabeth Mossel and Hendrika Gaarkeuken-Mossel were taken 14 January 1943 from Amsterdam to concentration camp Vught where they stayed at barrack 33B. On 8 June both were deported via Westerbork to Sobibor and on arrival there 11 June 1943 immediately killed. 

Alida Kloot-Mossel has been deported 17 July 1943 from Pension Cohen at Daniel Willinkplein 9 in Amsterdam to Westerbork and put on transport  20 July to Sobibor, where she has been killed on arrival there 23 July 1943.

Petronella Wonder was taken to Westerbork 26 january 1943 and deported to Auschwitz 29 January. There, on arrival 1 February 1943, she has been immediately killed.

Sources among others: City Archive of Amsterdam, archive cards of Elisabeth, Alida and Hendrika Mossel; archive cards of Salomon Kloot, Izaak Gaarkeuken and Petronella Wonder;a family registration card of Emanuel Mosseland Hartog Kloot;the file cabinet of the Jewish Council, registration cards of Elisabeth Mossel, Alida Kloot-Mossel, Hendrika Gaarkeuken-Mossel, Salomon Kloot, Izaak Gaarkeuken and Petronella Wonder.

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