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Herdenk Hildegard Levin-Gerson

Hildegard Levin-Gerson

Wongrowitz, – Bergen-Belsen,

Reached the age of 50 years


About Hildegard Levin-Gerson

In 1939, Hildegard Levin-Gerson tried to flee Europe on board the passenger vessel St. Louis. In Cuba, the ship's destination, the passengers were not allowed to disembark. The ship returned to Europe, where they were taken in by various countries. The Netherlands took in 181 refugees. During the war, Hildegard Levin-Gerson and her family were deported. She died in Bergen-Belsen. Her three childre…

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Passagiers van de St. Louis

Het lot van alle passagiers aan boord van de St. Louis, het cruiseschip dat in 1939 de haven met ruim 900 joodse opvarenden verliet, is in afgelopen jaren nagezocht in een project van het USHMM.

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Address & residents


Camp Westerbork

Westerbork, Hooghalen Today this street is called: Oosthalen 8

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