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Herdenk Otto Müller

Otto Müller

Wenen, – Sachsenhausen,

Reached the age of 36 years


About Otto Müller

The Dutch Red Cross has passed on a declaration that Otto Müller died in Middle Europe not earlier than 03-07-1944 and latest 25-02-1945.

The Bundesarchiv Gedenckbuch mentions that Otoo Müller died on 13th November 1944 in Sachsenhausen.

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Koffer in Auschwitz

De koffer van Otto Müller bevindt zich in museum Auschwitz, PMO-II-1-1797.

Bron: Yad Vashem,

List of Jews who arrived in Auschwitz, based on the names found on the suitcases they brought to the camp

Record Group: O.41 - Lists and Documentation of Perished and Persecuted Collection.

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Address & residents


Camp Westerbork

Westerbork, Hooghalen Today this street is called: Oosthalen 8

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