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Herdenk Albert Eskenazi

Albert Eskenazi

Wenen, – Sobibor,

Reached the age of 28 years

Occupation: Assistant accountant



About Albert Eskenazi

Albert Eskenazi was married to Keetje van Rijs. He worked as an accountant and Keetje was a children’s nurse. Their son, Samuel Alexander, was born in Camp Westerbork on 16 July 1943.
Record of birth certificates of the Westerbork municipality, currently at the archives of Gemeente Midden-Drenthe in Beilen

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Eskenazi and his family

We have been unable to determine whether one or more members of this family survived the war. While their names do not appear on the lists of survivors, we have not been able to trace them in In Memoriam either. They are therefore labeled as 'surviving' and their names are not listed.

In addition, a Jokos file (number 14561) on this family is at the Amsterdam Municipal Archive. Access is subject…

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Samuel Eskenazi

Samuel  Eskenazi is de vader van Albert Eskenazi, die in Auschwitz is omgekomen.  Albert had een zus Bellina (* 29 jan. 1913) , die de oorlog heeft overleefd. Ze is getrouwd met ene Daud of Maud Perez en naar de VS verhuisd.

We weten dat Samuel en Bellina in Bergen-Belsen geweest zijn.  Het is niet bekend of Samuel de oorlog overleefd heeft.

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Bellina Eskenazi

Bellina Eskenazi (* 29-1-1913) was de zus van Albert Eskenazi. Ze is met haar  vader Samuel in Bergen-Belsen geweest, maar heeft de shoa overleefd en is naar de VS geemigreerd.

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Address & residents

Address in July 1943

Camp Westerbork

Westerbork, Hooghalen Today this street is called: Oosthalen 8

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