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Herdenk Walther Feist Blumenthal

Walther Feist Blumenthal

Hoya, – Tröbitz,

Reached the age of 48 years

Occupation: Salesman



About Walther Feist Blumenthal

In the beginning of April 1945 prisoners from concentration camp Bergen-Belsen were transferred to Theresienstadt. One of the three trains that were used for this transport, was liberated by the Red Army near the village Tröbitz. Many passengers died in the train. Many people still died after the liberation because of the prevailing typhus in Tröbitz. Walther Feist Blumenthal was one of them.

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Walther Feist Blumenthal

Het gezin van Walther overleefde Bergen-Belsen. Zijn dochter Marion schreef na de oorlog een boek over hun ervaringen. Zie: Marion Blumenthal Lazan, Vier gelijke stenen: Op de vlucht voor de holocaust (Laren, 2006).

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Address & residents


Camp Westerbork

Westerbork, Hooghalen Today this street is called: Oosthalen 8

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