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Herdenk Johanna Leverpoll-Meijer

Johanna Leverpoll-Meijer

Middelburg, – Auschwitz,

Reached the age of 67 years



About Johanna Leverpoll-Meijer

The Arnhem police commissioner requested that Johanna Leverpoll-Meijer, residing in Arnhem, be located, detained and brought to trial. She was suspected of having changed her place of residence without the required authorization. This description referred to Jews who had gone into hiding.
Algemeen Politieblad, nr 50, 17 December 1942, 1413, notice 3123

The funeral records at the Jewish cemetery i…

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Re: Johanna Leverpoll-Meijer

Johanna Meijer was een dochter van Joseph Meijer en Dina van der Wielen. Ze is op 21 februari 1906 getrouwd met Gerson Leverpoll in Arnhem.
Hun zoon Joseph is op 14 augustus 1942 omgekomen in Auschwitz.

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