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Jo Theo Wallig

Amsterdam, – Midden-Europa,

Reached the age of 19 years

Occupation: Office clerk



About Jo Theo Wallig

By establishing the date of death of Jo Theo Wallig the official date is maintained as stated after the war by the Dutch Department of Justice.
In a document, which was a protocol of an on-site inspection conducted by Polish judicial authorities in March 1946 at the former camp of Blechhammer and at the mass burials site in the forest near the camp, another date of death for Jo Theo Wallig is men…

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Details of Jo Theo Wallig's death and burial

Jo Theo Wallig died on 11 May 1943 in Blechhammer camp and is burried in a common grave at the Community Cemetery in Opole - Polwies, Poland

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Daniel Wallig and his family

We have been unable to determine whether one members of this family survived the war. While his name does not appear on the lists of survivors, we have not been able to trace him in In Memoriam either. He has been therefore labeled as 'surviving' and his name is not listed.

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