Forced labor camp and Concentration camp.

In the vicinity of the village of Blechhammer there were a number of forced labor camps with a total of about 50,000 forced laborers. One of these camps was later transformed into concentration camp Blechhammer, an outlying camp of the concentration camp KZ Auschwitz III Monowitz. There the Oberschlesische Hydrierwerke made out gasoline of coal and was the largest forced labor camp of the "Organization Schmelt". This was a large industrial complex in the former province (Landkreis) Kozlé (Dutch Cosel / Kozel) in Upper Silesia, consisting of dozens of different camps with up to 50,000 (mainly Jewish) forced laborers.Kamp Blechhamer was opened in 1940.  

The concentration camp had its own crematorium, which was partly preserved, just like many other concrete remains. On January 21, 1945, the camp was evacuated, whereby 200 prisoners were immediately killed. About 10,000 prisoners from this area were put on the death march to the west, where many hundreds of prisoners were perished and killed.

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