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Eva Lipfrajnd

Den Haag, – Monowitz,

Reached the age of 16 years



About Eva Lipfrajnd

Eva Lipfrajnd was a daughter of Chaja Lisser (1898-1942), the widow of Baruch Wolek Lipfrajnd (1884-1935).
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On 4 May 1932 the 'Ezer Jatom' association opened a Jewish orphanage at 66 Pletterijstraat in The Hague. Eva Lipfrand resided in the orphanage for some time.
I.B. van Creveld, ’Het joods weeshuis in Den Haag‘, in: Misjpoge. Verenigingsblad van de N…

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Address & residents


Israëlitisch Weeshuis

Pletterijstraat 66, Den Haag

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