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Herdenk Chaja Lipfrajnd-Lisser

Chaja Lipfrajnd-Lisser

Sochatschen, – Auschwitz,

Reached the age of 44 years

Occupation: Shopowner


About Chaja Lipfrajnd-Lisser

Chaja Lisser was the widow of Baruch Wolek Lipfrajnd (1884-1935). Chaja was born in Russia. Her husband came from Poland but had the Russian nationality. The couple had six children. Five of them lived in the Jewish childrens home (Israëlitisch Weeshuis) at the Pletterijstraat in the Hague. Gemmi, Leizer and Cili were know with the surname Liebfreund. Eva and Hinde Naga were listed as Lipfrajnd. T…

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