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Gerhard Julius Hamm

Göttingen, – Auschwitz,

Reached the age of 20 years

Occupation: Gardener



Gerhard Julius and Horst Friedrich Hamm

Gerhard Julius and Horst Friedrich came to the Netherlands on November 22nd, 1938: they were one of four children that Truus Wijsmuller-Meijer took from Hamburg that day.
First they stayed in Monster, but in February 1939 they went to the Dommelhuis in Eindhoven.
Horst went to Wieringen in February 1940, Gerhard to the home on the Westersingel in Rotterdam, and after that to a family in Eindhoven…

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Gerhard Julius Hamm

Gerhard Julius Hamm zat in het eerste transport naar Auschwitz van 15 juli 1942. Hij behoorde tot de groep van 100 'Alte Lagerinsassen' van Westerbork die voor dit eerste transport werden geselecteerd.

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