arrestatie van joodse vluchtelingen in Scheveningen 1942

de arrestatie van Albert Levy op 4-1-1942

Door: J. Blom

De arrestatie van joden op hun vlucht in januari 1942 in Scheveningen is beschreven in een proces tegen politiemensen Poos en Slagter. Een overlevende was getuige dat Levy deel uitmaakte van een groep van 12 die per schip wilde vluchten naar Engeland.
Bij de behandeling van het hoger beroep werd duidelijk dat er geen bewijzen waren over Levy. Er is destijds niet gebleken wie deze Albert Levy was, waar hij vandaan kwam en wat er met hem gebeurd is.
Op het joodsmonument staat wel Albert Levy uit Altenkirchen. Hij is in september 1943 met zijn vrouw Franziska vermoord en in november hun dochters Lore en Renate.

The arrest of Albert Levy on 4-1-1942 at Scheveningen .
On the internet I saw a post about stored information on the arrest of Albert Levy . (1886-1943) . In addition, state the following. This person is mentioned in a CABR file from the National Archives . The CABR is a record of the arrest of the person under inv. No. 76954 CABR
He was the husband of Franziska Bucky and father of two daughters who are also on the Jewish monument . The website states that all four were murdered in Auschwitz. Several years ago I was looking for information about his wife because of the discovery of an archive with an ex libris with her name . That's why I wanted to know what could be his possible arrest and that of his wife and daughters known. These family members are descent from Altenburg and the flight went like many other Jews from Germany . It is known to me that two older children have managed to escape the gas chambers . With a granddaughter in England I have had contact over the archive found .
The file of the Central Archives Special Justice in The Hague with the above number includes the preserved documents about the trial of the Hague police Slagter and Poos ( 1904 and 1901 respectively ) . They are notorious for their crimes during the war against Jews and resistance fighters . Both policemen after the war sentenced to death , commuted to life imprisonment for their crimes they committed voluntarily as accomplices of the Germans as cooperate in the arrest and murder suspects . For the purpose of publication on Jews hunters researched details of their crimes . Here are also apparently wrote the names of the Jews who were victims of the activities of those mentioned above . So is the name of A.Levy ended up in the file , and then on the website of the Jewish monument .
The case file is preserved across seven full archival boxes (75 cm) and folders with many loose pages and succeed in hand and typschrift with many versions of copies . It contains the collected evidence about facts , victims , official reports of witnesses, statements from suspects and reports of meetings to prepare the indictment and the trial and what followed . It does have some structure at all, but that insight is not clear prior to the consultation for those who are less familiar with these files . Only after going through the documents , it is possible to broadly possible to say something about the structure. However, once the pieces found remains difficult afterwards in the right place in a box to be found. Advance is hard to say where in the big picture the most relevant information is giving an answer to the question about the arrest of that person .
The name of Levy has been named as one of the victims of an arrest of a group of 12, most Jews, in Scheveningen about 4-1-1942 . Through contacts in the Hague was a group that would arise to England . Crossing fee of eight thousand dollars per person with a ship from The Hague. After the war, a witness told his story about the preparations for the crossing of the Engelandvaarders which ended with the preconceived arrest of the persons on board . As a result, his story was part of the trial with the names of the Jewish victims and the name of the witness to the arrest of Hague their name mentioned and which can be found in many versions of these lists . Even after officers said were involved in similar arrests of other Engelandvaarders from IJmuiden and other defendants of resistance against the Germans .
The mention of the name of Levy has alarmed the handling of the case by the Supreme Council . There is a request for information about the residence and domicile of Levy to the State Inspectorate Population in The Hague. The aim was to establish whether he was the victim of the suspects. About Levy said that after 1933 our country has come in, then is trapped and after the arrest using the agent has played into the hands of the Germans. And they wanted to know what the reason is that he has been discharged from the Population Registry of the Municipality of The Hague or elsewhere . A reply was received that there are five people named Albert Levy after 1933 were enrolled in the Population and coming from abroad. The lawyer of the accused officers at the hearing argued that it has been found that could be that Levy is dead or missing . Not determined by the correspondence the witness would have said about Levy that he was transported more dead than alive to Germany. In the treatment of the following was said. His identity does not appear , nor where he came from the Netherlands . Research has nothing then extracted according to a letter from The Hague . This finding may lead to a reduced sentence on appeal by the defendants. In the consulted documents is no mention of the domicile in 1942 of Albert Levy from Altenkirchen in the municipality Nieuweramstel . He and Franziska were murdered in Auschwitz on September 10, 1943 and November 30, their daughters Lore and Renate was born in Altenburg in 1920 and 1923 respectively . The question remains whether he wanted to leave without his wife and daughters to England in january 1942 through a contact in The Hague .

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