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Herdenk David Spitz

David Spitz

Hilversum, – Oost-Europa,

Reached the age of 24 years

Occupation: Farmer



About David Spitz

David Spitz was a son of 521714 and Rachel Konijn.
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David Spitz was married to Marcella de Vries. Marcella de Vries stayed at the Huize Voorburg youth aliyah home in Elden from 27 March 1941 until 22 May 1942. This home in the South of Arnhem was for somewhat older Palestine Pioneers (ages 16 to 19). Afterwards she returned to Voorst. The mayor of Voorst reques…

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In 1939 David Spitz was one of the members of the staff at Alijah facility "de Vondelhof" in Amsterdam, working in the garden.
Source: Nationaal Archief, 2.04.58, inv. 95

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Oorlogsslachtoffers gemeente Dinkelland

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Het getuigenis van Rachel Lena Garty-Spitz, nichtje van Dicky en Wietje van Wezel

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