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Herdenk Sina Sleutelberg-Bamberger

Sina Sleutelberg-Bamberger

Appingedam, – Sobibor,

Reached the age of 82 years



About Sina Sleutelberg-Bamberger

Sina Bamberger was a daughter of Meijer Mozes Bamberger and Roosje Levie Rozema. She was married to Heiman Sleutelberg and she was the mother of Ghole.
Sina Sleutelberg-Bamberger first lived at the Nieuwstraat, next to her sister Hindrikje (Rika) Bamberger. Later she moved in with the family of her sister Ghole.
In 1943 Sina Sleutelberg-Bamberger was transported to Westerbork by ambulance.

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Heiman met zijn vrouw Sina

Heiman samen met zijn vrouw Sina.

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Biografie Sina Bamberger

Een korte biografie over Sina Bamberger is te vinden op de website van Synagoge Appingedam:

Synagoge Appingedam

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