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Herdenk Aron Belinfante

Aron Belinfante

Amsterdam, – Sobibor,

Reached the age of 75 years


About Aron Belinfante

Aron Belinfante was a son of Daniël Cohen Belinfante and Roza Beekman. He married with Sara Lisser in 1889. Together they had ten children. Two of them died at a young age. Abigaël, Daniël, Hartog, Betje, Sara and Anna did not survive the war.
His wife died in 1937.
Stadsarchief Amsterdam, archiefkaart Aron Belinfante

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Verkeerde overlijdensdatum

Aron Belinfante werd op 30 maart 1943 op transport gesteld naar Sobibor en overleed op 2 april 1943 in Sobibor.

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