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Herdenk Abraham Cohen

Abraham Cohen

Doesburg, – Westerbork,

Reached the age of 64 years

Occupation: Baker



About Abraham Cohen

Abraham Cohen was a son of Casper Jacob Cohen and Saartje de Groote.
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Abraham Cohen died on 13 June 1944 in Westerbork transit camp and he was cremated on 15 June 1944. The urn with his ashes was placed on the Jewish cemetry in Utrecht.
Register van joden die in het kamp Westerbork zijn gecremeerd, 1943-1944; archief van de gemeente Westerbork, opgenomen in het…

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Abraham Cohen (Casper Jacob Cohen and
Saartje de Groote) married 13-09-1905
in Zutphen to Marianne Weijel (Philip Weijel and Mientje Aussen)
Marianne Weijel died 14-02-1940 in Utrecht.
Abraham Cohen remarried to Celine Hertog who survived the war.

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