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Herdenk Josef Klingenstein

Josef Klingenstein

Westheim (Hammelburg), – Amsterdam,

Reached the age of 46 years



Josef Klingenstein

Josef woonde met zijn gezin vanaf de 20'er jaren in Berlijn, tot in 1938. Zij verhuizen dan naar Hardenberg om vervolgens op 14-06-1938 naar Amsterdam te komen. Hij is dan bedrijfsleider van een kofferfabriek.
In de adresboeken van Berlijn staat hij steeds vermeld als 'Kaufman'.

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The death of the family Klingenstein

The family Klingenstein, Josef and Klara, the parents of Josef, Bernard Klingenstein and Adelheid Stein, their stepdaughter Sophie Feldheim, their maid Karoline Kalk, committed suicide in Amsterdam on the 15th of May,1940.

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Josef came to Amsterdam but from Stad Hardenberg

Which Stad Hardenberg can it be?

Josef Klingenstein, came from Stad Hardenberg [where this town is, is uncertain, not found [yet] in Stad Hardenberrg, OVR, Neth.
Gemeinde Nörten-Hardenberg, Niedersachsen they are not known
Gemeinde Velbert-Hardenberg, NRW still waiting for an answer
Due to the dates differences of Josef Klingenstein arriving in Amsterdam 14 JUN 1938 [administrative date] and the rest of the family on 12 JUL 1938 […

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Onder druk van de omstandigheden: namenlijst

It is still an extremely sensitive topic: suicide during the Second World War. Historians have not known what to do with it for a long time. What is the place of suicide bombers in war history?

Remarkably little has been written on this subject and there seems to be no list of names or memorial books at all. The Digital Monument ( offers a place where relatives, sometimes for …

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