Josef came to Amsterdam but from Stad Hardenberg

His spouse, child and servant arrived later from Stad Hardenberg

By: Kèren

Which Stad Hardenberg can it be?

Josef Klingenstein, came from Stad Hardenberg [where this town is, is uncertain, not found [yet] in Stad Hardenberrg, OVR, Neth.
Gemeinde Nörten-Hardenberg, Niedersachsen they are not known
Gemeinde Velbert-Hardenberg, NRW still waiting for an answer
Due to the dates differences of Josef Klingenstein arriving in Amsterdam 14 JUN 1938 [administrative date] and the rest of the family on 12 JUL 1938 [administrative date], one can imagine they came from Germany. Often the head of the family went ahead to check things out, before the rest of the family came over.
The parents of Josef came to Amsterdam also, on 7th of MAR 1939 [administrative date] from Würzburg, their names are Bernard -; and Adelheid Stein.
All seven of the them, including foster child Sophie Feldheim, a niece and servant Karoline Frieda Falk choose for the "Freitod" on 15 MAY 1940 to avoid the nazi persecution.


added FEB 2020, the family stayed a short period in Stad Hardenberg, Overijssel, Netherlands