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Herdenk Leo Werner Goldschmidt

Leo Werner Goldschmidt

Duisburg, – Bergen-Belsen,

Reached the age of 20 years



About Leo Werner Goldschmidt

Leo Werner Goldschmidt was nicknamed Uri. He stayed at the youth aliyah home Huize Voorburg in Elden from 13 October 1941 until 31 December 1942. This home in the South of Arnhem was intended for older Palestine pioneers (ages 16 to 19). He was deported to Bergen-Belsen with a group of Palestine Pioneers. This group was to be exchanged for Germans in Palestine. Leo Werner Goldschmidt perished one …

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Parents of Leo Werner Uri Goldschmidt

Despite the difference in spelling, the identity of Leo's parents as Aron Goldsmidt and Jenny Goldsmidt-Goldstein are confirmed in "Geschichte der Duisburger Juden", Roden/Vogedas, Walter Braun Verlag 1986.

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Address & residents

Address in January 1941

Huize Voorburg

Drielschedijk 1, Elden

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Other family members

No other family known (yet)