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Herdenk Samuel Mok

Samuel Mok

Amsterdam, – Monowitz,

Reached the age of 40 years

Occupation: Merchant



About Samuel Mok

Samuel Mok, a son of Isaac Mok and Aaltje Wurms, married 18 October 1933 in Amsterdam Carolina Peper, a daughter of Joël Peper and Leentje Leuw. The couple had two children, of whom one died by her birth in 1934. The other, Jack Samuel, was killed during the Shoah.

City Archive of Amsterdam, archive card of Samuel Mok.

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Samuel Mok

Samuel is een zoon van Isaac Mok en Aaltje Wurms. Hij trouwde 18 oktober 1933 met Carolina Peper (A'dam, 3 mei 1910).


Lida Cor, 1934-1934
Jack Samuel, 17 maart 1936

Bron SAA archiefkaart Samuel Mok 17-1-1903

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Samuel Mok and his family

Carolina Mok-Peper and her husband Jack Samuel were in hiding on the Fraunhoferstraat in Amsterdam. On 6 August 1943 two members of the Kolonne Henneicke rang the doorbell and entered using the excuse that they wanted shelter because of the air raid alarm. They took the Mok-Peper family away with them.
A. van Liempt, Kopgeld. Nederlandse premiejagers op zoek naar joden, 1943 (Amsterdam 2002) 205-2…

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