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Herdenk Esther Crost

Esther Crost

Amsterdam, – Auschwitz,

Reached the age of 60 years

Occupation: Maternity nurse


About Esther Crost

Esther Crost was a daughter of Ephraim Crost and Bloeme Trompetter. She married in Amsterdam on 22 June 1899 but her marriage ended in a divorce on 4 April 1922. She had four children, who have survived the war.

Esther Crost was born into a family of seven children, of whom three children have survived the Holocaust. The other four, she self, Rachel Levie and Mozes have been killed during the Shoa…

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Esther Crost

Esther is een dochter van Ephraim Crost en Bloeme Trompetter. Ze trouwde juni 1899 met Eduard Sartorius.


Agnes Dorothea Lucretia Namia Johanna, 5 mei 1900
Ewalt Felicitas Jonathan Hugo Desiderius, 22 december 1901
Pieter Jan, 19 augustus 1905
Johanna Hermina Maria, 3 juni 1911
Hugo Frans August, 17 februari 1914

Esther woonde langer dan 16 jaar in de Vondelkerkstraat 25 huis.

Bron SAA Est…

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