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Herdenk Arthur Joseph Durlacher

Arthur Joseph Durlacher

Baden-Baden, – Bergen-Belsen,

Reached the age of 43 years

Occupation: Opera singer



About Arthur Joseph Durlacher

Arthur Joseph Durlacher was an opera singer. In the late thirties he emigrated with his wife Erna Sofie Salomonica – born from a Romanian-Jewish business family - and their child from Germany to the Netherlands. The family was deported to Westerbork. There Arthur Joseph acted as a singer during the cabaret performances and he coordinated the practical work for the performances as a stage hand. In…

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Arthur Joseph Durlacher and his family

The Durlacher’s were a very artistique family who spoke German in a special way. The family had fled from Germany and had moved to a beautiful villa in the fashionable Jachtlaandistrict in Apeldoorn. In spite of their prosperity they had financial problems. Arthur Durlacher tried to make both ends meet by selling liquid soap to private persons. He distributed the soap over the buckets which he th…

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Address & residents

Address in October 1940 – March 1941

Loolaan 43, Apeldoorn

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