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Herdenk Frieda Spiegel

Frieda Spiegel

Oberhausen, – Sobibor,

Reached the age of 10 years



About Frieda Spiegel

Frieda Spiegel was a german fugitive. She lived with her brother Heinz Leo in the family of Andreas Kamp and Elisabeth de Vries. The family lived on the Waltersingel 62 in Apeldoorn.
Andreas Kamp was imprisoned in a jewish labour camp. On 2 October 1942 he was brought to Westerbork, like all other men in the jewish labour camps. In the night of 2 to 3 October 1942 their familymembers were taken aw…

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Frieda and Heinz Leo Spiegel

Heinz Leo and Frieda came to the Netherlands on February 14th, 1939. They stayed in Nijmegen first, then in Rotterdam and Scheveningen. In February 1940 they went to Apeldoorn.
Their parents were Sara and Josef, whose last address in Germany was in Köln, Hosengasse 9. They were taken to Poland in the fall of 1938.
Source: National Archive, 2.04.58, inv. 130 and others

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