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Herdenk Koosje Goldsmit

Koosje Goldsmit

Rheden, – Auschwitz,

Reached the age of 33 years


About Koosje Goldsmit

The Arnhem police commissioner requested that Koosje Goldsmit, residing in Arnhem, be located, detained and brought to trial. She had changed her place of residence without obtaining the required authorization. This description referred to Jews who had gone into hiding.
Algemeen Politieblad, nr 48, 3 December 1942, 1352, notice 2972

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Jacob Goldsmit and his family

Jacob Goldsmit and Kaatje Levie had eleven children: Philip, Mietje, Koosje, Izaak, Leo and two children who died at a young age. Four children survived the war. Of these four children, three of them lived at different addresses.
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In addition, a Jokos file (number 36416) on this family is at the Amsterdam Municipal Archive. Access is subject to authorization fr…

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