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Herdenk Nathan Nico Herschel

Nathan Nico Herschel

Diepenheim, – Auschwitz,

Reached the age of 33 years



About Nathan Nico Herschel

Nathan Nico Herschel played soccer for DSV 1.
W. Rietman, Dag stedeke van gisteren (Diepenheim 1980)

This person is commemorated on a memorial in Diepenheim. More information on this memorial can be found (in Dutch) on the website of the Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei.

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Joodse bewoners van werkkamp De Bruine Enk in Nunspeet

Wie herkent deze personen en heeft info of kan me verwijzen naar andere informatiebronnen?

Tot nu toe heb ik de volgende namen:
- Hirsch Adler, wonend Almelo Boompjes 14;
- Leonard Maurits de Beer, wonend Almelo Sluiskade ZZ 43;
- Jacob Bekkers, wonend Almelo Gasthuissteeg 3;
- Lodewijk Carel ten Brink, Almelo Sluiskade NZ. 140;
- Herman Isaac van Campen, Amsterdam Copernicusstraat 20;
- Abraham Caransa, Amsterdam Lepelstraat 88 I;
- Anthony Cohen, Almelo Boddenstraat 31;
- Zacharias Ei…

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Abraham Herschel and his family

Abraham Herschel was married to Berthe Davids. The couple had five children, including Nathan Nico, Samuel and Herman. Two children survived the war in hiding. The family lived on the Haaksbergerstraat in Diepenheim. Abraham Herschel was merchant of scrap iron, skins and chickens. He was a member of the local band and of the local drama society. His son Samuel was married and lived in Groenlo. His…

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Death of Nathan Nico Herschel

From the international Tracing Service (ITS) there is a document (42376/1942 Secondary death book of the civil registry office Auschwitz) stating that Nathan Nico Herschel died on november 30th 1942.

By establishing the date of death of Nathan Nico Herschel the official date is maintained as stated after the war by the Dutch Department of Justice.

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