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Herdenk Salomon Windmüller

Salomon Windmüller

Emden, – Auschwitz,

Reached the age of 32 years



About Salomon Windmüller

Salomon Windmüller was married to Ruth Kornblum. The couple had a child by the name of Maurice.
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Jette Windmüller-Seligmann and her family

Jette Seligmann was the widow of Moritz Windmüller. He died in 1937.
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Jette Seligmann, the widow of Moritz Windmüller, and Max Kornblum had given notice of their intended marriage. The wedding could not take place, because they were deported before the wedding date.
Documents concerning intended marriages which were not performed; archives of the Westerbork mun…

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