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Herdenk Celine Gans-Chits

Celine Gans-Chits

Amsterdam, – Schipkau,

Reached the age of 33 years

Occupation: Office clerk



About Celine Gans-Chits

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Hermann Chits and his family

Hermann Chits, son of Benedictus Chits and Alida de Leeuw, married Mathilde de Lieme, daughter of Salomon de Lieme and Sara Swelheim, in Arnhem on 20 May 1901. Hermann Chits lived on the Herengracht in Amsterdam.
He served with the 3rd company of the Regiment Schutterij in Amsterdam.
His father, Benedictus Chits, died an old man in the spring of 1937. The obituary reveals that Benedictus Chits o…

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