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Emanuel Lodewijk Elte

Amsterdam, – Sobibor,

Reached the age of 62 years

Occupation: Mathematics and physics teacher



About Emanuël Lodewijk Elte

A German non-commissioned officer was shot down on the Verspronckweg in Haarlem on 30 January 1943. As a reprisal hundred inhabitants of Haarlem were transported to Vught concentration camp. One of them was Emanuël Lodewijk Elte. He stayed in Vught untill 30 March 1943 and then he was transported to Westerbork. After a short time he was deported to Sobibor.
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Huwelijk ouders

Huwelijk van zijn ouders was op 04-05-1875 te Rotterdam.

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Emanuël Lodewijk Elte and his family

Emanuel Elte appears on a handwritten list of the individuals who held offices within the Dutch-Jewish Community in Haarlem during the early years of the war. A photograph remains of each official. Emanuel Elte was a member of the congregation council of the Dutch-Jewish Community of Haarlem, a member of the board of the Dutch-Jewish Joles Hospital and a member of the school board. He was married …

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