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Ludwig Otto Blumenthal

Frankfurt am Main, – Theresienstadt,

Reached the age of 68 years

Occupation: Former professor



About Ludwig Otto Blumenthal

From 1905 until his dismissal by the Nazis in 1933 Ludwig Otto Blumenthal worked as a professor of mathematics at the University (RWTH) of Aachen. From 1906 to 1938 he was the long-term managing editor of the "Mathematische Annalen", the most prestigious mathematical journal of that time. He is still well known among mathematicians under the name "Otto Blumenthal". In July 1939 he and his wife emi…

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Ludwig Otto Blumenthal and his family

Ludwig Otto Blumenthal and Amalie Ebstein had a son and a daughter who survived the war in England.

This family was forced to frequently change addresses in Utrecht.

They lived at the following addresses:
F. C. Dondersstraat 29 (from 21 September 1940 to 1 April 1941),
Frederik Hendrikstraat 15 (from 1 April 1941 to 29 March 1942),
Frans Halsstraat 26 (from 1 April 1942 to 31 July 1942),

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