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Alfred Wallenstein

Grossen-Buseck, – Midden-Europa,

Bereikte de leeftijd van 20 jaar



Alfred and Ilse Wallenstein

Alfred and Ilse did not come to the Netherlands together: Ilse came first, on December 13th, 1938, and Alfred followed on March 30th, 1939 with a Kindertransport. Both of them were in Rotterdam, where Ilse was placed with a foster family in July 1938. Alfred went to live in he Jongenshuis in Arnhem in May 1941 after which he lived in Amsterdam, at the Merwedeplein 37-II, with two other refugee boy…

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Adres & bewoners


Voormalig Rotterdams kindertehuis

Amsterdamscheweg 1, Arnhem

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