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Leopold Stern

Hamburg, – Sobibor,

Bereikte de leeftijd van 14 jaar



Over Leopold Stern

In oktober 1941 zat Leopold Stern op het Joods Lyceum te Den Bosch.
Gegevens van joodse leerlingen op scholen in Den Bosch en gegevens van leerlingen van het Joods Lyceum in Den Bosch.Lijsten van joodse leerlingen op scholen in Den Bosch bevinden zich in het Stadsarchief Den Bosch.

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Paula, Fritz and Leopold Stern

A short biography of the Stern family written by Johann-Hinrich Möller.

Paula Stern was born on July 26th 1901, in Hamburg as one of seven brothers and sisters. Her parents were Leopold Isaac (*06.06.1869) and Olga Isaac nee Gumpel (*05.10.1868). Since 1924 the family name was changed into Wolf. Paula’s father was a member of the ‘Wolf Brothers’ (Gebrueder Wolf) famous and very popular artists and vaudeville singers from Hamburg, more . The family…

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