About Sophie Lievendag.

Sophie Lievendag, born in 1905 in Enschede, was a daughter of Joseph Lievendag and Rachel Dikker. She was unmarried and the eldest of the four children her parents had. Her brother Salomon Mozes and she herself  were killed in the Shoah; the other two children had died as babies already.

Sophie arrived from Enschede in Amsterdam in August 1925, were she found employment as apprentice nurse in a few rest homes in the city. She then lived at Oosterpark 43 till July 1934 and worked at “Rusthuis Amsteldijk”, also known as “Huize Blog”, at Amsterldijk 87.

Per July 1934 she moved to Plantage Parklaan 15 ground floor, were the A.C. Wertheimhuis was founded. She was employed there “in the householde of the psychiatric nursing”  and as a nurse.

In 1932, the Societey Central Israelitic Bedlam (Vereniging Centraal Israeliëtisch Krankzinnigengesticht), erected a new department in Amsterdam, due to lack of space at The Apeldoornse Bos. And most of the patients came from Amsterdam. This department became the A.C. Wertheimhuis at Plantage Parklaan. This home mainly provided for the aftercare of male ex-psychatric patients. The institution did not reopen after the war. Source: R. Fuks-Mansfeld , “Wie tranen zaait…”. History of the Jewish mental healthcare in Holland (Assen 1997), page 87 and further.

Per 22 December 1938 Sophie Lievendag lived at Zandstraat 3 1st floor, but moved in May 1943 to Roompotstraat 19 ground floor, to then to move again 2 June 1943 to the A.C. Wertheimhuis 15 ground floor at Plantage Parklaan 15 in Amsterdam. 

During the so-called “Grossaktion”(large-scale raid) of 20 June 1943, when a large group of remaining Jews of Amsterdam South and East would be arrested, also Sophie Lievendag was deported to Westerbork, after having received a call (for Arbeitseinsatz). Because of her function and previous employment she was exempted from deportation (gesperrt), however in May and June 1943, all exemptions had been abrogated by the Germans.

Eventually Sophie Lievendag was put on transport to Sobibor 13 July and on arrival there 16 July 1943, she has been immediately killed.

City archive of Amsterdam, archive cards of Sophie Lievendag and Joseph Lievendag, family registration card of Sophie Lievendag; residence card of Zandstraat 3 and the file cabinet of the Jewish Council, registration card of Sophie Lievendag.