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Herdenk Levie Fles

Levie Fles

Maassluis, – Amsterdam,

Reached the age of 68 years


About Levie Fles

Levie (Louis) Fles was a son of Jacob Levie Fles and Saartje van Blijdestijn. He had a stationer's shop and was active in community life. He committed suicide in May 1940.
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E. Gans, De kleine verschillen die het leven uitmaken. Een historische studie naar joodse sociaal-democraten en socialistisch-zionisten in Nederland (Amster…

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Under the pressure of the circumstances.

It is still an extremely sensitive topic: suicide during the Second World War. Historians have not known what to do with it for a long time. What is the place of suicide bombers in war history?

Remarkably little has been written on this subject and there seems to be no list of names or memorial books at all. The Digital Monument ( offers a place where relatives, sometimes for …

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Levie Fles


Mina, 13 november 1897
Rosine, 10 januari 1899
Henriette, 19 augustus 1900
Barthold, 7 februari 1902
Clara, 11 juli 1903
George, 7 mei 1908

Bron SAA archiefkaart Levie Fles 19-10-1871

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Levie Fles and his family

Levie Fles and Zippora Henriëtte van Straten married in Rotterdam in 1896. They had several children. Their daughter Henriëtte also died during the war.
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In addition, a Jokos file (number 17828) on this family is at the Amsterdam Municipal Archive. Access is subject to authorization from the Stichting Joods Maatschappelijk Werk.The Jokos file reveals that a cla…

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