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Abraham Speijer

Alkmaar, – Amsterdam,

Reached the age of 71 years



Abraham Speijer

Abraham is een zoon van Joseph Izaak Speijer en Anna Weeling. Hij trouwde mei 1892 met Sara Levy (Sappemeenr, 13 november 1870).

Joseph, 18 oktober 1892
Clara Sara, 3 april 1894
Anna, 20 mei 1896
Jetta, 26 april 1900
Rebecca, 23 mei 1904
Leendert, 28 juni 1906 (overleden)
Marie, 7 juli 1908
Jacob, 14 februari 1912
Samuel, 15 oktober 1914

Bron SAA archiefkaart Abraham Speijer 6-3-1872

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Abraham Speijer and his family

Abraham Speijer and Sara Levy had eleven children: Joseph (b. 1892), Anna (b. 1896), Jetta (b. 1900), Rebecca (b. 1904), Leendert (b. 1906 d. 1907), Eva (b. 1918) and three children who survived the war. No further information is known about the other children. Joseph, Anna, Jetta, Rebecca all had their own families.
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