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Günter Witepski

Kassel, – Auschwitz,

Reached the age of 33 years

Occupation: Singer


About Günter Witepski

Günter Witepski came to the Netherlands as a refugee from Germany in 1933. At that time, he was registered as a 'merchant'. In the thirties, he performed as a singer and actor with the "Ping Pong" ensemble. He also co-authored and performed in the cabarets that were staged in camp Westerbork.

Source: Katja B. Zaich, “Ich bitte dringend um ein Happyend.“ Deutsche Bühnenkünstler im niederländischen…

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Günter Witepski and his family

We have been unable to determine whether one or more members of this family survived the war. While their names do not appear on the lists of survivors, we have not been able to trace them in In Memoriam either. They are therefore labeled as 'surviving' and their names are not listed.

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