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Herdenk Marianne van Itallie-Simons

Marianne van Itallie-Simons

Den Haag, – Den Haag,

Reached the age of 69 years



About Marianne van Itallie-Simons

Marianne van Itallie-Simons lived in The Hague. Under pressure of the circumstances, she took her own life one day between 29 March and 5 April 1943.
NIOD, Records Joodse Raad, box 36d, letter d.d. 5 April 1943

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Onder druk van de omstandigheden: namenlijst

It is still an extremely sensitive topic: suicide during the Second World War. Historians have not known what to do with it for a long time. What is the place of suicide bombers in war history?

Remarkably little has been written on this subject and there seems to be no list of names or memorial books at all. The Digital Monument ( offers a place where relatives, sometimes for …

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