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Herdenk Chana Stein-Kelsen

Chana Stein-Kelsen

Brody, – Amsterdam,

Reached the age of 84 years



About Chana Stein-Kelsen

Chana Stein-Kelsen was the mother of Sofie Wittmann-Stein.
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Chana Stein-Kelsen lived in Vienna. One child who lived in the Netherlands could get her out of Austria short before the ‘Anschluss’.
A daughter of Chana Stein-Kelsen, Sofie Wittmann-Stein, had also come to the Netherlands.
Chana Stein-Kelsen has died in the Joodse Invalide after she had had a stroke.…

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Address & residents


Joodse Invalide

Weesperplein 1, Amsterdam

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