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Afbeelding bij Hans Maurits van Messel

Hans's index card from the Jewish Council card file in Amsterdam (source: arolsen-archives.org). The information office of the Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) in The Hague created a file for Hans after the war under dossier number 72,039. It contained all the information known at that time about him and his persecution. 

On the left side of the card, the typing by a Jewish Council worker noted Hans's home address, date and location of birth, occupation, marital status, and name of his brother. After the war, NLRC workers hand-wrote in the names and birthdates of his parents, as well as a question written lightly in pencil, "5-9-44 gefusilleerd?" That was the date when Hans was executed at Vught concentration camp along with other resistance members.

The NLRC dossiers are housed in the National Archives in the Hague. In 2021 the NLRC announced its intention to transfer the Jewish Council Index Card Archive to Amsterdam's Jewish Cultural Quarter, which plans to exhibit the archive at the National Holocaust Museum beginning in late 2022.