Fate of Alfred's extended family

Door: Kit Katz

Photo of the Katz family in the early twentieth century.

Alfred was the 4th of six children born to Max and Helene (Levy) Katz. His two sisters (Ilsa and Leonie) and one brother (Erich) were killed during the war. Three of his brothers (Richard, Oskar, and Warren) survived, having left Europe in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Richard and Warren lived the rest of their lives in the United States, and Oskar in Argentina, where their families still reside, respectively. Alfred met two nephews and one niece before he passed, Leonie's son Jetti Von Rhyn (1936-1942), and Richard's children Hans Fred and Ruth Katz. Hans Fred, later Fred, was named after Alfred, Richard's closest brother. During the war Richard regularly sent care packages to Alfred's last known address only to learn he had passed while searching for him through newspaper advertisements.