Abraham De Vries, an Engelandvaarder who failed to reach

Abraham De Vries, born in Usquert in 1915, married to Caroline Minco or Menco (1918), was a pharmacist, living in Arnhem. He tried to sell his pharmacy in February, 1942, but the Germans withheld the money he was given for it. Anxious to save his life, he fled to Switzerland with his wife on August 22, 1942 through the Jura mountain. As the border was officially closed, they were to be driven back. Abraham swallowed an large dosis of sleeping pills, was brought to hospital, and could remain in Switzerland with his wife. He nevertheless asked to be allowed to leave in order to join Great Britain and the army (he was pharmacist officer). Exfiltered in November 1943 by the military attaché Van Tricht, he tried to reach Spain, but was arrested in France near the border and deported from Drancy to Auschwitz on December 17, 1943, in transport nr. 63. According to the Mémorial by Serge Klarsfeld, he survived, though according to Joosdmonument, he died in Birkenau. 


Source: Swiss Federal Archives, E 4264 (-) 1985/196, N 3812