Update of the family of Simon Cohen since 1945, January 2018.

Additional information

Door: max nathans

Simon Cohen was  a descendant of Abraham Cohen and Clara Abrahams who lived in Winterswijk (Holland) around 1700.
Simon was  married to Martha ( Mietje) Nihom. Both murdered (see site)
The couple had  7 children.
Izaac(Izak) Cohen,family murdered (see site)
Sophia Cohen,family murdered (see site)
Casper Cohen, family murdered (see site)
Abraham (bram) Cohen,family murdered (see site)
Alex Cohen,  murdered (see site)
Survivors of the holocaust were :
Elise ( Liesje)Cohen  her husband Simon Nathans and  one son
Saartje (Sonja) Cohen her husband Salomon (Sal) Manassen and one son.
The family Nathans had two more sons:
The three sons moved to Israel, followed by Liesje and Simon their parents.
In Israel  they married , started families and today,2018, they have  10 children,29 grand children and 2 great grandchildren.
 The oldest son lived in Australia before , was married there and has 2 children and 2 grand children in Sydney.
The family Manassen had two more sons:
The three sons live in Holland and today in 2018 they  have 4 children and 5 grand children.