Gabriele Berta Judith Sinasohn

Gabriele Berta Judith Sinasohn, born 5 December 1919 in Berlin, was the second daughter of Max Mordechai and Rosa Rahel Sinasohn, née Cohn of Schönlanke; (Max Mordechai was one of ten children of Jacob Heymann and Rebekka Sinasohn, née Hirsch of Schönlanke; his siblings were Isidor (died 1883), Else, Harry, Selma Haasz, née Sinasohn, Eugen, Oscar, Bianca Herzog, née Sinasohn, Leo, Richard and Jean).

Rabbi Dr. Jacques and Gabriele Bertha Judith's baby Tirza, (for bureaucratic reasons her birth on 28 August 1942, in a home for unwed mothers), was officially registered with the name Renée Pauline Abrahams. Although Tirza’s life was spared, Gabriele Berta Judith and her husband Jacques Abrahams were sent from Mechelen to Auschwitz on 15 January 1944—the day before a ‘Palestine Immigration Certificate’ for the entire family had arrived in Brussels.

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