Artur (Atze) Meinhart Natt


Artur came to the Netherlands illegally with two other boys. They were turned away five times before finally succeeding in entering the country. Atze eventually lived in the Jongenshuis in Arnhem. There he was arrested for gun possession and shot at an unknown place. (Source: Hanna Kalter: Scuds, page 179-180).
Atze had TB.
His father, Kalman, born on December 17th, 1892 in Chrzanow, was a taylor in Berlin. He died in Sachsenhausen in February 1940. His mother was Erna Haber, born on May 25th, 1901 in Gwozdziec. She was killed in Auschwitz in 1943.
Last address in Germany: Strassburgstr. 59, Berlin N54.
Source: National Archive, 2.04.58, inv 130 and others

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