Regina, Isaäk and Ruben Ohringer


Regina came to the Netherlands on December 6th, 1938, together with her brother Ruben. First she stayed at the quarantine in Amsterdam, then in Losser, in Rijswijk, and with an uncle and aunt in The Hague. In May 1941 she moved into the girls orphanage in Amsterdam.
Ruben went to Arnhem (Huize Sonsbeek) in December 1938, and subsequently lived in Amsterdam and Wieringen. In September 1940 he went to Belgium to be with his parents. Regina and Isaäk also had permission to travel to Belgium.
Her parents were Frieda/Fimet Weiden or Weides, born on 07.01.1896 in Radomysl; her father was Moses Samuel, born on 13.08.1892 in Raomysl. The father was taken to Poland in 1938, and he wanted to go to the US. In June 1941 he was living in Brussels.
last address in Germany: Köln, Agrippastr. 40.
source: National Archives, 2.04.58, inv 130 and others

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