Lothar Halpern


Lothar came to the Netherlands with his older brother on November 28th. 1938. First they stayed in the quarantine in Zeeburg, then in Den Dolder. Lothar's brother moved in with a family, but Lothar went to Huis ten Vijver and in June 1940 to the orphanage in The Hague.
Lothar's mother was Hannie Gostinksky, born on May 22nd, 1897 in Krosniewice, Poland. She perished at an unknown date and place. Lothar's father Felix (born in Lublin on 06.06.1895) passed away on December 30th, 1935.
His older brother survived in hiding, one sister survived as well, but his older sister Margot also perished.
Source: National Archive, 2.04.58, inv. 130 and others

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